1 (good) luck (suerte).
por fortuna fortunately, luckily
probar fortuna to try one's luck
tuvo la mala fortuna de caerse he had the misfortune o bad luck to fall
2 fortune, fate (destino).
3 fortune (riqueza).
hacer fortuna to make one's fortune
4 wealth, treasure, great wealth, fortune.
5 Fortuna.
* * *
nombre femenino
1 (destino) fortune, fate
2 (suerte) luck
3 (capital) fortune
4 (éxito, aceptación) success
por fortuna fortunately
probar fortuna to try one's luck
buena fortuna good luck
la rueda de la fortuna the wheel of fortune
mala fortuna misfortune
* * *
noun f.
1) fortune
2) wealth
* * *
1) (=suerte) fortune

la fortuna le ha sido adversa liter — fortune has been unkind to him

tuvo la buena fortuna de heredar la casa — he had the good fortune to inherit the house

ha tenido la mala fortuna de ponerse enferma — she had the misfortune to fall ill

no tuvo fortuna en el concurso — he was unlucky in the competition, he didn't have any luck in the competition

por fortuna — luckily, fortunately

probar fortuna — to try one's luck

2) (=riqueza) fortune

heredó una inmensa fortuna — she inherited a vast fortune

este piso cuesta una fortuna — this flat costs a fortune

3) (Náut) (=tempestad) storm

correr fortuna — to ride out a storm

* * *
a) (riqueza) fortune
b) (azar, suerte) fortune

le sonrió la fortuna — fortune smiled on him

tuvo la (buena) fortuna de ganar — he had the good fortune to win

por fortuna — fortunately

probar fortuna — to try one's luck

* * *
a) (riqueza) fortune
b) (azar, suerte) fortune

le sonrió la fortuna — fortune smiled on him

tuvo la (buena) fortuna de ganar — he had the good fortune to win

por fortuna — fortunately

probar fortuna — to try one's luck

* * *
1 = fortune, lot, good fortune.

Ex: These institutions have become so intertwined that the fortunes of one are inextricably linked to the fortunes of the other -- for good or for ill.

Ex: This article reports on the 9th weekend school organised by the Branch and Mobile Libraries Group of the Library Association the theme of which was 'Improving your lot'.
Ex: There is an element of good fortune involved in being in the right place at the right time and it is essential to take the best advantage of whatever opportunities arise.
* galleta de la fortuna = fortune cookie.
* huesecillos de la fortuna = oracle bones.
* mala fortuna = misfortune.
* por la mala fortuna = by ill fate.
* por mala fortuna = unfortunately, unhappily, sadly.
* revés de la fortuna = reversal of fortune.
* rueda de la fortuna, la = wheel of fortune, the, fortune's wheel.

2 = fortune.

Ex: Robert Watt was thoroughly bitten by the bibliography bug and although he bequeathed an important piece of work to posterity, he and his surviving family can hardly be said to have enjoyed good fortune from it.

* costar una fortuna = cost + a fortune.
* de la fortuna a la pobreza = riches to rags.
* de la pobreza a la fortuna = rags to riches.
* hacer fortuna = make + Posesivo + fortune, make + a fortune, strike + it rich, strike + gold, hit + the jackpot.
* una fortuna = a king's ransom.
* valer una fortuna = cost + a fortune.

* * *
1 (riqueza) fortune
amasó/hizo una gran fortuna he amassed/made a large fortune
su fortuna personal supera el millón de dólares his personal fortune is worth over a million dollars
vale una auténtica fortuna it's worth an absolute fortune
2 (azar, suerte) fortune
la fortuna le sonrió fortune smiled on him
quiso la fortuna que salvase la vida (liter); as fate would have it she was saved (liter)
tuvo la (buena) fortuna de ser aceptado he had the good fortune to be accepted
por fortuna fortunately, luckily
probar fortuna to try one's luck
* * *

fortuna sustantivo femenino
a) (riqueza) fortune

b) (azar, suerte) fortune;

por fortuna fortunately;

probar fortuna to try one's luck
fortuna sustantivo femenino
1 (destino, sino) fortune, fate
2 (buena suerte) luck
3 (riquezas, dinero) fortune
♦ Locuciones: por fortuna, fortunately, rueda de la fortuna, wheel of fortune
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* * *
fortuna nf
1. [suerte] (good) luck;
por fortuna fortunately, luckily;
probar fortuna to try one's luck;
quiere probar fortuna en América he's going to America to seek his fortune;
he tenido la fortuna de encontrar un buen trabajo I've had the good fortune o I've been lucky enough to find a good job;
tuvo la mala fortuna de caerse he had the misfortune o bad luck to fall;
tuvo muy poca fortuna en la vida he was very unlucky in life
2. [destino] fortune, fate;
quiso la fortuna que… as fate would have it…
3. [riqueza] fortune;
amasar una fortuna to amass a fortune;
hacer fortuna to make one's fortune;
se gasta una fortuna en ropa he spends a fortune on clothes
4. [éxito, aceptación]
este libro tendrá fortuna entre los jóvenes this book will be very popular with young people;
sus ideas no tuvieron mucha fortuna his ideas did not become widely accepted
* * *
1 fortune;
hacer una fortuna make a fortune
2 (suerte) luck;
por fortuna fortunately, luckily;
probar fortuna try one’s luck
* * *
fortuna nf
1) suerte: fortune, luck
2) riqueza: wealth, fortune
* * *
fortuna n
1. (riqueza) fortune
2. (suerte) luck

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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